Unprecedented times. Confinement. Lockdown. Uncertainty. Reflection. We’ve been hearing these words since March. Everything stopped. The familiar, the known, the usual, everyday life was affected by an intangible, something microscopic that has dragged us to a new life, unimagined. Where the day to day is built, where we are not allowed to make plans ahead of time, meetings, birthdays, hugs, exequies. However, and despite this, everything followed in a surreptitious and even involuntary way. Reinventing, rethinking, adapting. These are the new words which replaced the common, and turned yesterday into a distant, nostalgic, longed-for past. Everything, absolutely everything is different, however, everything goes on. The world is closed, but we cannot shut ourselves because blood runs as usual, thoughts come and go, the need to speak and be heard, in short, inner life. In the meantime…

What happened to creators, to photographers, to artists? What happened to those who take pictures in the street? To the ones who make portraits? With those whose projects requires the street?

Despite this and with everything against them, they continued to create, even if their work had no spectators. Their minds, their hands, their projects continued again and again with a need to exist. That’s the way artists are.

Meanwhile, I talked to all of them. They told me what they were doing. They were all active.

This led me to think about the importance of the work that incarnates in a historical, unrepeatable, novel, unique moment. As a result of all these meditations we came to the conclusion that we should leave a documentary imprint of what we experienced during confinement, lockdown and loneliness.

The project consists of choosing a photograph, the result of long considerations, in which emotion, longing, sadness or even release from the daily pressures that were already unsustainable, would be printed. Those who were barred from going to the street for their images, reviewed and put their archives in order, discovering jewels that had not come to light, wonderful photographs that could not be printed at the time, for whatever reason, and that now make sense.

Each image the artist delivers will have an edition of 20 photos plus two author proofs. They will be signed and have a certificate of authenticity.

It will be a unique, exclusive, historical document, above all, that will show with the gaze of each of the photographers, the reality that we are living and ignore how it will evolve. It is a document with the strength that can only have these radical movements that completely change the way we see and live life. Nothing will be the same anymore, ever. The memory of this tragedy will be forever imprinted on these wonderful works of great artists, capable of capturing, in their own way, this unprecedented event.